The Parkway RAILs constitutes a rich API suite that enables any organization building Fintech products or wanting to embed financial services into its core business offering, leveraging on what is today known as Banking As a Service (BAAS).

At its core is a wallet account which in all characteristics is similar to a bank account issued and maintained by Parkway and compatible with the NIBSS NIP system. You can create an account on behalf of your user, debit this account, credit it, give a Debit Card against it, check its balance and transaction history, and receive notifications.

Don’t you need a complete account? A virtual version compatible with the NIBSS NIP system is also available as a proxy to your existing wallet/accounting system.

From NeoBanks, Agent Banking, Online Gaming, Insuretech, HealthTech, and niche financial services, there is no limit to what you can build or enhance using the Rails API, shortening your route to market and providing regulatory cover.